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I Wonder Why This Dodge Commercial Didn’t Air Here

Posted in auto industry, Bizarre, Car Branding, Car Buying, Cars, Dodge, Funny Videos, Pop Culture, Trucks by Kurt Ernst | September 9th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Hot Dodge Girl!

Back in 2006, Dodge was trying every trick in the book to make inroads into the European market. One attempt was this viral marketing campaign, called “Ram rash”, which featured Dodge owners and fans head-butting their way into infamy. The videos, meant to illustrate the concept of “Ram tough”, never helped build Dodge’s EU market share and the campaign died a quiet death.

There are five or six commercials in the series, but the above video is really the only one worth watching. The highlights of other videos include an elderly grandmother crushed under a door and two guys butting heads in a bar over a woman. Just in case you need further details, the video below explains the whole “Ram rash” thing, complete with fake rash images. Yum.

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