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What’s Your Favorite Piece of Automotive Tech?

Posted in Best of, Car Tech, General, News by MrAngry | July 10th, 2011 | 4 Responses |

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With all the technology that’s stuffed into today’s cars and trucks it’s kinda’ hard to take everything in. From GPS units to adaptive cruise control, today’s automobiles are more advanced than ever. Personally, I try to keep my cars as simple as possible and while I do like technology and think it’s necessary, I do think that our cars are becoming overly complex. It used to be that every gadget had two functions: ON and OFF. Today however just the simple task of getting your cruise control to work may require you digging through a 100 page manual… not good. I was talking with a buddy the other day about this and he poised the question; if I had to have one technology based gadget in the car, what would it be? After thinking about it I decided that I’d wholeheartedly opt for the hands free bluetooth feature as I simply hate talking with my cell phone up to my ear. A GPS I can live without and I sure as hell don’t need adaptive cruise control or back-up cameras. As far as massaging seats go… well, I’d pass on those to. The bluetooth unit is the one item that I not only use the most, but it’s one that actually makes my driving experience a bit more pleasant. So how about you guys, what is your favorite piece of automotive tech?

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4 Responses

  1. SNAK3 says:

    the one that keeps me from having to walk or ride a horse everywhere

  2. Canrith says:


  3. The feature to have a hard drive on your PC where you can store music. XM radio sounds good too. I’ve never used either but I read about them both and I know they are both features I would like and want in my next car. I also like Garmin GPS because I always get lost. Before my Garmin I would get lost all the time and have a panic attack when I was running out of gas and unable to find a gas station.