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Hyundai Tops Ford to Become 4th Largest Automaker in the World

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Wait, what? It’s true: Hyundai/Kia have, by one measure at least, surpassed Ford to become the world’s 4th largest automaker, moving 2,153,000 units through the first half of this year, beating Ford by about 8,000 vehicles sold. Of course, this data does separate Nissan and Renault from each other despite their alliance, so the overall 4th place ranking is somewhat subjective. But it is undeniable that they shifted more cars than Ford during the time period – not bad for a manufacturer who not so long ago was foisting atrocious Excels onto shoulda-known-better customers. Anyhow, we applaud Hyundai/Kia for getting their act together so quickly, and for all you doubters, the proof is in the Genesis-pudding. Press release after the jump.

Press Release:


Kia Motors (UK) Ltd. is pleased to announce that parent company, Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group, has become the fourth largest global automotive manufacturer, according to data just published.

Based on figures from the Automotive News Data Centre, the Korean manufacturer has overtaken Ford which saw it’s sales fall by more than 30 per cent in the first half of 2009, selling 8,000 more vehicles than the US giant in the first half of 2009.

Results for all of last year saw Hyundai-Kia trail Ford by around 1,000,000-units, but by reducing the impact of the global recession by producing the right product for the right times, the group has managed to take fourth place much quicker than had been predicted.

Go back just 10 years and the newly unified company was in 11th place overall, but rapid globalization has seen state of the art factories being built in several countries including Slovakia, the United States and China. The manufacturing facilities have been geared-up to build products that are designed and engineered for local markets. The Kia cee’d is a leading example, being designed, developed and engineered in Germany and built in Slovakia.

[Source: Kia]

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