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Hyundai to Show i-Blue Fuel Cell Vehicle at Frankfurt Auto Show

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At this years Frankfurt Auto Show that begins on September 13th Hyundai will reveal their first vehicle designed from the ground-up that was built specifically  around their fuel cell technology. The i-Blue is an electric vehicle that is fueled by Hyundai’s 3rd generation hydrogen fuel cell technology clothed in a CUV auto armor that represents the future forward thinking behind their alternative technology.

The i-Blue is a bold step toward future design and future fuels while following suit with the theme of this years Frankfurt Auto Show: “See What is Driving the Future.” Hyundai’s R&D team have developed a hydrogen fuel cell that is more compact than prior generations while building a safe, crossover-styled body around it.

Hyundai’s i-Blue is their current design that is to help transition us over the next decade toward the greener technology of hydrogen. Yet to many of us hydrogen fuel cells still seem quite a ways away from being close to taking over for the combustion engine as what motivates the majority of todays cars. Despite the advantages that Hybrids, Plug-in EV’s and alternative fuels may have by being more road ready today the exploration toward hydrogen fuel cells is still an important one.

There are two other supposedly radical designs that Hyundai is planning to reveal at the Frankfurt show. Hyundai’s Volester is said to be a roadster aimed directly at the Y-generation with what seems to be some futuristic designing cues. The i-30 Crossover Wagon is designed as the exact opposite of the Volester. With the i-30 Hyundai is returning to the 5-door hatchback model that is an important segment in the European market. More significant details and photos of all 3 of the vehicles Hyundai plans to unveil at the Frankfurt Auto Show are sure to come in the weeks ahead.

Source[topspeed, PureGreenCars]

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  1. Dee says:

    Whoa.. definitely future looking..Hyundai’s at it again!