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Hyundai Scraps Plans For 2010 Genesis Convertible

Posted in auto industry, Hyundai, Newsworthy by Suzanne Denbow | January 6th, 2009 | 1 Response |

Riding the wave of their success over the luxury car segment with the affordable, opulent Hyundai Genesis sedan, Hyundai had begun to hint that the Genesis might also have a future in both 2-door and drop-top variants. While Hyundai still intends to give the Infiniti G37 a run for its money with the Genesis Coupe, plans for a Genesis convertible have officially been cancelled. According to Hyundai’s public relations manager, Miles Johnson, production plans for the Genesis convertible were never set in stone. “It’s never been in the plan,” admitted Johnson. “There was some internal discussion early on, but since we unveiled the coupe in New York, there’s been no talk.” Miles went on to say that if market conditions weren’t quite so grim, the drop-top might have stood a chance, but the current condition of the global economy is not conducive to immediate success.

As for the future, sources give conflicting predictions of Hyundai’s next move. Some indicate that Hyundai has shelved the development of convertible models permanently, while others insist that Hyundai will begin cycling in retractable hard-tops in later models.

Source: Edmunds’ InsideLine

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  1. LOUIE says:

    I LIKE HYUNDAI SPORTCAR AND MIATA AND PORSCHE AND BMWZ4 But is so very expensive car, So that ican afford to buy here in the philippines!