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Hyundai reaches a milestone: 5 million cars sold in America

Posted in Cars, Hyundai by will bee | July 19th, 2007 | 2 Responses |


Hyundai realized a milestone recently when they reached the mark of 5 million cars sold in America. It is no small achievement for the auto manufacturer from Korea that faced daunting quality issues when it first came to the states in 1986. The milestone is even more impressive when you consider that Hyundai had just made it to 4 million cars sold in 2005.

Since 1999, and under the leadership of the then newly hired Chairman Chung Mong-koo, Hyundai has worked hard to turn their image around. Today they rank ahead of Toyota for quality and further the perception of assurance to their customers by offering the best auto warranty on the cars they sell in the U.S.

With designs like the Santa Fe and Sonata selling well there is no reason to believe that Hyundai will not reach their goal of 550,000 cars sold in America in 2007. With some surprising and innovative designs coming in the years to come Hyundai will certainly continue to make their mark on the world market.

Source[Detroit News]

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2 Responses

  1. Mihdi says:

    One thing that Hyundai/KIA has been doing is putting quality and customer service at the top. I do not know about the mainland US but here in Hawai’i I would have to say their dealerships are a step above the rest. Their prices are much more reasonable and as I have stated in a previous post their warranty is hard to beat. Especially for places like Maui where we do not have a public transit system 100,000mile/10 year warranty is very needed. My current car’s warranty ran out within 3 years of my initial purchase. It was a 60,000mile/5year warranty and considering I averaged 400miles/week for work. So, it is no wonder how fast it went.

  2. Mr.Vent says:

    In the more than two decades since entering the American market, the South Korean automaker has worked hard to overcome its early poor image, with recent sales growth led by the Sonata sedan and Santa Fe sport utility vehicle and some parts such as the Hyundai catalytic converter – http://www.catalyticonverters.com/hyundai_catalytic_converter.html . It now ranks as the world’s sixth-largest automaker and South Korea’s largest… They even recently announced that it has passed the five million sales milestone in the US… So who’s laughing Hyundai now..