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Hyundai Nuvis Concept Teaser Image Reveals Nothing Nu

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Scheduled to debut officially next month at the 2009 New York Auto Show, we were treated to a sneak peak of the new Hyundai Nuvis Concept a little early with the release of a single teaser photo. As is the custom, details on Hyundai’s upcoming concept are scarce, and will most likely remain that way until the eve of of the big unveiling. Fortunately, it’s a Hyundai, so the thrill of anticipation isn’t exactly threatening to overwhelm us.

What we can tentatively confirm about the Nuvis Concept is that it is a crossover of some kind, and judging by that body molding, probably draws heavy inspiration from the Hyundai BLUE-WILL Concept. Lending credibility to that assumption is the small “Blue Drive” badge affixed to front quarter panel, which, according to sources, indicates that the Hyundai Nuvis Concept will be equipped with Hyundai’s new hybrid propulsion system. Specs on the drivetrain are still a mystery, but if your hunches prove correct, the Nuvis will probably get some version of the BLUE-WILL’s 1.6L 4-cyinder/100kW electric motor/lithium-polymer battery combo.

We’ll gloat about how right we were later once Hyundai lets loose with official press kit.

Source: LeftLaneNews

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