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Hyundai Launches Blue Link Safety & Information Service

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Hyundai has long sought to give buyers peace of mind with their warranty coverage; now the automaker is giving owners even greater security with the launch of their OnStar-fighting Blue Link system. Like GM’s OnStar, Blue Link can provide automatic crash notification, give the driver a “panic button” for emergency situations and offer roadside assistance. Just like OnStar, it can unlock your doors or even help police track, slow and immobilize a stolen vehicle. However, Hyundai wasn’t content to simply match features offered by OnStar, so they’ve one-upped the pioneering telematics service in several areas. Want to flash your lights and horn, or get notification when your keyless entry panic button has been tripped? How about sending your current vehicle location to social media friends? Want to send voice to text messages while you drive, or get messages about how other drivers or valets are treating your vehicle? Depending on the Blue Link Package selected, it can do all of this and more.

The base Blue Link package is called Blue Link Assurance, and this will be included on an introductory basis with select Hyundai models (initially, the Sonata and the Veloster). Blue Link Assurance includes automatic crash notification and assistance, SOS emergency assistance, roadside assistance and a monthly vehicle report. Opt for the Blue Link Essentials package, and you also get remote access features, convenience features (like location sharing and voice to text), vehicle self diagnostic features, theft protection and safeguard features (like Valet Alert, Speed Alert, Curfew Alert and Geo-Fence distance alert). Want the ultimate in telematics? Add the Guidance package, and you get turn by turn navigation, point of interest finder, route guidance with traffic monitoring, gas station locator, Eco-Coach (to boost your fuel economy), restaurant ratings and a weather update feature.

There’s no word on pricing yet, but I’d expect Blue Link to be priced competitively with OnStar, which ranges from $18.95 per month for basic services to $29.80 per month for the full suite of options. Hyundai plans to roll out Blue Link across their entire product line for the 2013 model year.

Source: Hyundai Motors America

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