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Hyundai ix-Metro Concept Makes Renaults Look Sober

Posted in Auto Show, Bizarre, Car Photography, Compact Cars, Concept Cars, Design, Frankfurt Motor Show, Hyundai, Micro Cars, New Cars, Pictures by Alex Kierstein | September 15th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |

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If you put the Hyundai ix-Metro concept car up against the “slightly horrifying” Renault Twizy Z.E., we don’t know which one wins the psychotropic designer-spasm award. All we know is that the Korean designers are finally beginning to dip into those great drugs the French apparently have, and the resulting ix-Metro is yet another whacked-out city car. More and a big gallery below.

For this particular trip, apparently the designers got all geeky with the sci-fi movies, and the ix-Metro derives its styling language from the resulting nerdgasm. The “protective capsule” is supposed to use its B-pillar-less, suicide-door layout to evoke a space pod of some sort. It also uses its rear to completely emulate modern Alfa Romeos, but that’s neither here nor there. And then it gets weird … the interior was inspired by a pinecone because they are a “natural, elegant fragmentation of a spherical object.” Uh, sure buddy, whatever you say … Of course, this little fun bucket is motivated, or should we say, tepidly propelled, by a one-liter 3 cylinder motor. We think they should just go whole-hog on the little ix-Metro and cram a rocket motor on the back, but that’s why we’re the writers and they’re the designers.


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