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Hyundai BLUE-WILL Concept Drops Ahead Of Seoul Motor Show


Scheduled to officially debut on April 2nd at the Seoul Motor Show in Korea, the Hyundai BLUE-WILL concept received an early introduction today with the release of a handful of studio images and a primitive spec sheet. Predictably, the Hyundai BLUE-WILL is apparently a parallel-hybrid vehicle which, judging by its shape, is ultimately intended to reach production as a Prius/Insight-fighter. Powered by a direct-inject 1.6L 4-banger, a 100kW electric motor, and an advanced lithium-polymer battery pack, the Hyundai BLUE-WILL is capable of performing amazing acts of mediocrity while releasing negligible toxins into the environment. While this is undoubtedly good news for the melting polar icecaps, the reduction in tailpipe emissions also means that when you suddenly spiral into a severe depression one day after realizing you’ve completely sold out to the eco-fascists, you’re going to have to spend a lot more time idling in the garage waiting for the carbon monoxide to accumulate to deadly levels than you would have if you’d just kept your old Taurus.

Source: Hyundai

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  1. Dr. Valerius says:

    Hyundai Blue-Will sounds very interesting but first of all Hyundai should try to improve the service. I am an expat in the Philippines and whenever my car is given to the Hyundai workshop it is returned with another problem. Minor things the work shop will fix other things which would cost more money they refuse. I understand that the Hyundai service center in Alabang Zapote is operated by Filipinos, well not much to expect from that people but ridiculous when I have recommended parts replaced on the car and three months later I get the same recommendation to replace exactly the parts that were replaced before, cheating, money making or not knowing, I cannot answer that may be Hyundai Korea has some interest to look into that poor performance. It definitely does not contribute to confidence in a Hyundai car. I have been living in several countries in South East Asia but never came across such incompetent and unqualified service as I receive here in the Philippines. Better Hyundai would control these natives and provide them with training, if they cannot understand the training then get some Koreans in. I would not mind paying more for the service as long as I know no Filipino is touching my car. Last time they returned the car I found parts in there which were left, handed them over to them guess after more visits to the workshop I get enough parts to build a second car, may be they threw away the parts. These parts were not replaced parts for sure. Unbelievable.