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Hyundai Assurance – Return Your Car If You Lose Your Job

Posted in Car Deals, Hyundai by Ryan | January 3rd, 2009 | 7 Responses |

The Hyundai Assurance Deal

The Hyundai Assurance offer allows you to return your car if you lose your job within 1 year of buying a new car.

A new ad blitz from Hyundai, presumably aimed at gaining consumer trust in tough economic times, tells buyers “we’re all in this together” and proceeds to give car buyers the security they need in a time of job uncertainty.

Hyundai has proven in the past that it is capable of capitalizing off unique offers that the car industry hasn’t seen before. It will be interesting to see if the Hyundai Assurance program creates the opportunity they are looking for to expand market share.

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7 Responses

  1. dashford says:

    Lessee… I’ve just lost my job and now Hyundai is suggesting I give up my car so that I can’t find a new job. Doesn’t sound like a good long-term strategy to me. Hyundai really doesn’t have a grasp of real-world problems.

  2. Dan says:

    Grasp of “real world” problems?????? What are you talking about. Instead of hitting the people of American up for a couple of BILLIONS, Hyundai is trying to help out. They offer an option to not paying your bill, or even repo. There is no cost to the customer and it doesn’t stop you from getting a more affordable car. In these hard times, at least there is one car company trying to help out instead of adding to the problems!!!!!! Way to go Hyundai!!! Remember, 10 years ago every thought the 10 year warranty was a hoax. Now look at what it did to all the other car manufacturers.

  3. Qiana Alamo says:

    This sounds like a great program!!!!! So if i lose my job, and can’t afford my car note, i can return my car, and won’t have to deal with negative rankings on my credit report since i can return my car? I wish this program came out sooner or if they could regulate this – wouldn’t it be nice if all auto-makers that claim they have our best interest, really do by providing this option. And what the heck, on the first comment? Obviously you don’t pay attention to your credit rankings…it is the single most important thing we as Americans need to keep up, especially with the tighting of the lending laws lately….My next car…most likely to be a Hyundai, unless other automakers jump on the same program…

  4. Gator says:

    I love this idea. If I was looking for a new car, I’d be running to a Hyundai dealership first and seeing if they have ANYTHING I was interested in before going anywhere else. That’s too good of an offer to pass up- even if I thought my job was recession-proof (which very few jobs are, nowadays).
    What if I was given the option to keep my job and take a cut? Can I refi my car for longer to make up the difference?

  5. ted says:

    There’s a great blog on freedomhaters.org. It’s a hilarious take on Hyundai’s no-cost car return program that nails the whole automotive/economic situation. The writer vows to buy a Hyundai and then get a job at KFC, so he can be fired and give the car right back.

    Check it out here:


  6. Michael fuller says:

    I think this is a great program but it would be even better if they allowed you 2years to return it if you lost your job.

  7. P Mims says:

    My daughter needs to return her car. Her father brought her a new 2007 Hyundai in 2007. However he passed away August of 2009. She made payments for the month of September, October, and November, which was a serious hardship for her. She was given deferrment payments for December and January. She has not made a payment to this day since she is unemployment, and has been unemployed for a while. She knows that her credit is already ruined…she just needs to drop her car off to a dealership in and around the Hagerstown, MD. Please let us know what she can do.

    A concerned mother,