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Hydrogen Hybrid Super Car

Posted in Alt Fuels, Car Tech, Hybrid by Corey | June 5th, 2008 | 2 Responses |

Ok, this officially hits the best of all the world’s on Ridelust. It’s a Hybrid and its a SuperCar.

hybrid supercar

“What we are revealing today is an innovation in the automotive industry and demonstrates American ingenuity at a time of real need. We’re designing and building cars with performance components and unique styling with the objective of making the new environmentally friendly vehicle stand out with never before seen style and approximately 40 mpg plus efficiency.”

I’d just like to say it looks gorgeous but I’m skeptical. If you can’t build a decent website you probably can’t build a car.

Check out Gas2.0’s coverage for more insight and details.

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2 Responses

  1. This is is a great concept car, and its great that they objective is making them more environmentally friendly especially in this day and age.

  2. This is a very sexy hybrid, its really awesome to see manufacturers making cars now that are Eco friendly and they are more concerned about helping out the planet.