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Hybrids Consuminging Rare Earth Metals at an Alarming Rate


You’ve always known your snooty granola neighbor’s Prius sucked, but you never knew how to really stick it to her. “My car is faster than yours” doesn’t work. “My car handles much better than yours” doesn’t even make her flinch. Well, I’ve got some ammunition for you, buddy.

Independent commodities consultant and strategic metals expert Jack Lifton says hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius are the biggest users of rare earth metals in the world. Put that in your hash pipe and smoke it, granola neighbor.

Popular Science reports that rare earth metals neodymium and lanthanum, both used in Hybrid electric motors and batteries, could become incredibly scarce or even disappear altogether within the next several years. The Prius uses 20 to 30 pounds of lanthanum in its batteries and 2.2 pounds of neodymium in its electric motor.

It is projected that total future demand for rare earth metals may exceed current supplies by over 40,000 tons. To bad you clunked your perfectly good petrol-only car for a set of hybrid wheels. Now get on that bike, hippie.

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3 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    Apparently, because of the amount of nickle used in hybrids and electric cars the cost to produce a single US penny has gone up to 1.4 cents.

  2. Pilar says:

    What an interesting fact… but whats with the angry writing? I mean, I know blogs are opinionated, but is there really a need for the writer to oppose himself to this generalized stereotype of a “hippie”?

    We need to help each other learn! Not hate one another because we are different! C’mon now!

  3. Suzanne Denbow says:

    Pilar: We’re called “RideLust,” not “Consumer Reports.” Objective and balanced opinions should definitely be sought elsewhere.