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Hybrid Technologies, Inc is Driving Lithium to New Limits

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Hybrid Technologies, Inc. is out to show everybody that despite the major automakers electric deficiencies the Lithium electric automobile is ready for the road. Most recently for Popular Mechanics they demonstrated two of their electric conversion vehicles, the Electrici Mini Cooper and the two-wheeled Jin Bike. Both examples are just part of the product line being promoted by Hybrid Technologies as they work to bring electric power out of the wall sockets and into our everyday mobile transportation.
You may not here them coming. You may not smell their exhaust after they have passed. But you will someday be thankful that someone is out there pushing the envelope while others sit back and watch.

Ride along in this test drive of a Lithium powered Mini Cooper.

Also take a moment to watch as Hybrid Technologies, inc’s Stealth bike moves silently and without hesitation into New York City traffic.

The cost-to-value ratio of these Lithium conversions is still not in reach for the average car buyer, but that is no reason to stop now. As with any new technology it sometimes takes a bit of time to garner popular acceptance. The first car was often frowned upon by Cowboys and the like as a noisey, smoking contraption that scared their horses, and look where that has taken us. While the technology grows in acceptance and matures you should see the price of these conversions mass produced and more affordable to the average car buyer. But if I have to go without my thoaty V8 exhaust you better be providing me with one killer THX stereo surround sound system in my car.

Take a look at Hyrbid Technologies website to explore what they are doing to advance our Lithium and Electric car technologies. You can also look over their design for their Solar Hybrid Living Home to see how Hybrid design can improve both the way we live and our means of mobility.

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