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Hybrid Cars getting Special Parking Privileges

Posted in Hybrid by will bee | July 9th, 2007 | 4 Responses |

Hybrid Parking only

It seems that Hybrid owners are now the recipients of yet another reward; better fuel mileage AND better parking spots. That is the case that the above photo captured outside an Ikea testifies. It might seem to some that having a Hybrid car should entitle you to more trips around the parking lot for that choice parking spot. That is not the case for some eco-friendly businesses, as choice parking goes to the fuel miser.

 Hybrid Parking only

Maybe now there is yet another reason to go do a little Hybrid shopping this next week. Maybe we can get the Hybrid market and the Health Food market to join forces. If driving a Hybrid earned me a discount at my local smoothie shop (my daily necessity) then that just might be the incentive I have been waiting for all this time (that or the Toyota FT-HS to hit the market… mmm..).

Thanks for the tip, Ben.

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4 Responses

  1. Dee says:

    Hmmm.. Hybrid’s are something to look into.. but I love my Pony and at the same time the gas is horrible.. darn my car for only taking Premium!!

  2. […] companies like Home Depot, Office Depot, and IKEA have created special parking spots for owners of hybrid vehicles. For example, CBC News reports […]

  3. […] that now offer preferred parking for hybrid owners. Apparently, IKEA’s Canadian stores offered hybrid only parking spots for more than a year… so it wont be long before we start seeing more and more of these spots […]

  4. Tammy says:

    Its not enough that only a few forunate people can AFFORD to even buy a Hybrid but now they get preferential treatment. I am currently driving a 10 year old vehicle with all replacement parts refurbished (therefore not laying in land fills) but get no perks for my part in the preserving of the environment. Besides…shouldn’t the cars that expel the most fumes park closer or get reserved spots so they don’t have to drive around clogging up the environment with crap!??? I have and will continue to park in Hybrid Parking spots whenever I have the opportunity. I refuse to be discriminated against because of my financial situation.