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HUMMER hammered by Enviro-Vandals on quiet D.C. street

Posted in Emissions, GM, Hummer by will bee | July 18th, 2007 | 1 Response |

Eco-Vandals take out their fury on an unsuspecting 2005 Hummer H2 in a quiet neighborhood in D.C. Being subject to an automotive hate-crime was not something Gareth Groves considered as he finally had the opportunity to purchase his dream hummer not long ago. After getting some specialty work done on the vehicle Groves new ride had only lasted a week on the road before it was accosted.

At 3:30am the vandals sacked the parked and unsuspecting Hummer outside Groves mothers home where he lives. They battered the windows and body with little mercy and slashed all four 38-inch tires and scribed onto the car: “FOR THE ENVIRON.” The criminal act was believed to have been carried out by two men wearing masks and both being about 6 feet tall.

The crime itself seems to be garnering little more than a shrug from Groves neighbors who are predominately Prius drivers with more love for the environment than hate for vandalism. The Hummer has become the poster-child for fuel IN-efficiency in these times of global environmental activism. Unfortunately one mans activism is another mans damaged goods. However, the Hummers 14-mpg is not the lowest on the market, so the real source for the divide between Prius and Hummer must be ego.

The Hummer/Prius Divide

Headlines across the web just last week spoke of the Prius owners concern for their appearance as being environment friendly as a large reason for their purchase. While many Hummer owners make their purchase as a matter of status aswell, although a different kind of status.

Great efforts should be taken to spread the word that those who populate this world do leave a footprint on this world with each step and each action we take. That goes for both the consumer of large, inefficient automobiles to the messengers who turn to violence to be heard. What do you think of the men who chose to hammer out their message about the environment on another mans private property? Do you think the owners of large SUV’s should be targeted?


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One Response

  1. Dee says:

    They shouldn’t touch one’s property that’s for sure. Target manufactors and car companys if you must(not in any violent way).