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How To Kill A Toyota Truck, Video

Posted in Car Stunts, Crash Testing, Funny Videos, Toyota, Videos by Alan Harten | August 8th, 2008 | 1 Response |

I happened upon some facts and figures for Motor company advertising for 2006, for that year in the US alone manufacturers spent $6.7billion and that was only up until June. For that same period Toyota spent $651 million on break dancing transformer cars, and sexy models draped over some of their budget vehicles that were no where near as attractive as the models.

And that reminded me of an advertisement for Toyota that no overpaid Madison Avenue Ad exec would ever have thought of, and has possibly been responsible for more Toyota truck sales than any multi million dollar ad campaigns the company ever signed up for.

UK motoring TV show Top Gear was well aware of Toyota’s reputation for having one of the roughest, toughest, never let you down trucks on the planet. The choice for Arctic explorers, African malisha army’s and the Afghan rebels, a poor army’s version of a Sherman Tank, the Toyota Truck.

So they came up with a simple idea, let’s try to destroy a Toyota truck and see what kind of punishment it can take and still start up and move. So that is exactly what they did, they set out to Kill A Toyota Truck.

The rules were simple no spare parts and only basic tools to be used for short period on site, with no second chances.

SPOILER ALERT, Don’t read this until you have watched the first video !!!

So the Toyota has proved its tough, it can withstand all kinds of outrageous punishment like being driven into walls, smashed head-on into tree’s, being driven down stone steps, having a trailer dropped on it, being smashed with a giant wrecking ball and even being left out in the North Sea for a few hours and then finally having gas poured all over it and set on fire.

And it still runs, so the team thought the answer was obvious, they simply were not thinking big enough. So take a look at this clip to see what they came up with to finally Kill A Toyota Truck, or will it?

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  1. Mat says:

    Well i know what my first vehicle is going to be now.