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How to Detail an Engine: AMMO NYC

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Open the engine compartment of any new car and the chances of you actually seeing the engine are slim-to-none. Today’s engines are generally encased in multiple plastic covers and shrouds, which unfortunately for the motor-head in all of us, conceals all the good bits. It’s nice that older cars have everything out in the open, however that doesn’t mean that this old way of thinking is entirely without consequence. For instance, pop the hood on an old Cobra and you’ll see everything an old engine has to offer. The downside to everything being exposed however is that now, all parts are out in the open and are subject to engine leaks, weather and anything else you, or Mother Nature can throw at them. Larry Kosilla, founder of AMMONYC.com is thankfully here to instruct us on how to properly clean our old engine bays without damaging a thing. Check it out after the jump.

Source: AMMONYC.com

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