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How important is your garage?

Posted in Environment, Exotic Cars, Expensive Cars, Garage, Hot Rods, Luxury Cars, muscle cars by MrAngry | November 30th, 2010 | 3 Responses |

What I have...

For some a garage is simply a place to park your car, for others it’s a place to store that extra refrigerator, and yet for others like myself, the garage acts as a getaway from the daily grind. My garage is nothing exciting, in fact it’s a downright dismal place to be as it’s not big enough, it’s not long enough and it’s made of old leaky concrete. That means hanging shelves and sealing it up tight during the winter months can be somewhat of a bitch. This garage is what I have though so I can’t much complain, as having a private place to store your car in Queens, NY is somewhat of a luxury. As a car guy though I’ve always yearned for a garage with at least 3 bays, a nice tiled floor, room for my tool chests and perhaps ceilings high enough that I could put in a lift or two, for me that would be the ultimate.


... what I really want...

I’ve also realized that at this point in my life I can’t picture living without a garage, in fact it’s an absolute must have for me. As mentioned, the modern day garage is simply seen as a storage space by some, I however consider it to be the best room in the house (as long as its connected). It used to be that the average house would come with a nice two car garage, but with ever expanding families, income and hobbies, I’ve been noticing that more and more homes are coming pre-built with at least 3-bays which makes perfect sense. Two bays are allotted for the daily drivers and one is there for the toy of their choosing. The key though is using your garage for allotted task, meaning you really need to set your priorities straight and get a fun car in there. Like I said, for me it’s a must have, but what about you guys… could you live without one?

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3 Responses

  1. BigRuss says:

    my garage is everything to me… its my hide out, where i wrench on my bike and truck… hell i have my amps out there so i can write new music

  2. 68SportFury says:

    I’ve lived without one my entire life. When I was house-shopping in 1997, I was fortunate enough to score a place with an attached carport, but that’s the most I’ve ever had. It does keep the ragtop’s interior dry, though, and it’s a great place to start from when it’s time to shovel snow.
    I’d love a nice two-bay garage (with heat and electricity!), especially since I could then get collector-car insurance on my toys, but absent the money and the space to build one I’ll just have to make do with what I’ve got.

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