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Artist Chris Burden’s “Metropolis II”

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Chris Burden Metropolis II

Being a grown up doesn’t mean that you’ve lost your love for the toys of your youth. Sure it would be a bit odd if your wife caught you playing with an old G.I. Joe in the backyard, but what if you were able to take playing with toys to the next level. I mean what if you could create the ultimate toy box right in your own home. Performance artist Chris Burden did something similar when he created “Metropolis II”, a super-sized hot wheels track that’s 28-feet wide and over 10-feet tall in his studio. With over 1,100 cars constantly circulating the tracks 18 traffic lanes, the structure is more like something you’d find in a science fiction movie than in an artists studio. There is also a plethora of fully functional railways as well as a bunch of highly detailed sky scrapers. The cost for the structure was in the millions, which, according to Burden, was exactly what “Metropolis II” sold for. Who says you can’t be a kid again…

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