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Hot Rods And Pin-Ups At El Mirage

Posted in Cool Stuff, Girls, History, Hot Rods, Videos by Kurt Ernst | August 30th, 2010 | 1 Response |

Hot Rod Pinup Girls at El Mirage

Yesterday afternoon I posted a video ad for the new Audi A1, featuring classic cars, pin-up girls, the Audi A1 and the disturbingly androgynous pop band Tokyo Hotel. It was high dollar, for sure, but it just didn’t speak to me. I said it needed 35% less band members, 10% less Audi A1 and 40% more classic cars and pinup girls.

It’s Monday, so to help you get through I’m giving you 100% less pop music, 100% less Audi A1, 50% more classic cars and about 70% more pin-up girls. I’ll warn you in advance that the girls are inked and definitely not fragile; if Kate Moss is your type, I definitely recommend you skip this post. The band in the video sounds a lot like T Rex, but it’s actually Red Planet, so turn up the speakers and enjoy some good old fashioned rock & roll. The video may not be entirely safe for work, as there is the occasional ass cheek on display, so view responsibly.

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