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Hot Rod Garage: Diedelson’s Kustom Chevy

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1951 Chevy Scraper

Getting the stance right in a custom vehicle can either make it or break it from a visual perspective. Set it too high and it looks like a 4×4, set it too low and you’re dragging oil pans. Diedelson’s Customs in Holland has opted for the latter on their 1951 Chevy Truck and in doing so has created a vehicle that looks like it came out of some B-rated horror flick. It’s old and rusty, but thanks to a front airbag suspension it actually runs pretty good when pushed hard. Is it for everyone? Well no. However if you’re diggin’ on the rusty ole’ airbag look, then this slammed old Chevy may just be the one for you.

Source: Chromjuwlen.com

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