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Honda Explains Compression and Leakdown Testing

Posted in Cool Stuff, DIY, Engines, Honda, How To by Kurt Ernst | January 7th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

If you like to turn wrenches, chances are good that you have a compression gauge in your tool box. I do, and I used to use it to log compression readings both before and after races, just to give me early warning on developing engine problems. I’d also use it to check out any used cars or bikes I owned, simply because I wasn’t the person who’d broken in the motor. Like the video shows you, they’re easy enough to do, although I’ll admit to not removing spark plugs from all cylinders in advance. I was always more paranoid about sucking dirt and grit into an open spark plug hole than I was about running down the battery.

It’s not likely you’ll have the hardware necessary to run a leakdown test, unless you work in a garage. It’s good to know what a leakdown test measures, but the few times you’d need to run a leakdown test on your own cars or bikes don’t justify the investment in gauges and a serious compressor. If you sense there’s a problem you can’t detect with a compression test, it’s worth taking your ride to shop to have a leakdown test run.

These are the first Tech2Tech videos that I’ve seen Honda post, and I hope they continue the series. Even if you’re comfortable with your ability to wrench, it never hurts to get a reminder on proper procedures.

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