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Honda to Send CR-Z Hybrid to Geneva: Gives Europe First Dibs

Posted in Car Tech, Concept Cars, Design, Honda, Hybrid by will bee | February 21st, 2008 | 1 Response |

HondaCR-ZConcept-5.jpg picture by willfusion

After making a couple stops along the North American Teaser Tour Honda is preparing to take their CR-Z Hybrid over to the Geneva Auto Show, but with a bit more business in mind than just showing off. Word has come out that Europe will be the first to get the new Honda Hybrid some time between 2009 and 2010. This could be yet another devastating blow to the Americans as they seem to be playing second-fiddle to Europe and Asia when it comes to new car releases. It must be foreign auto makers way of “Sticking it to the man,” and it seems that North America is “the Man.”

Honda’s CR-Z Hybrid, which first appeared in Tokyo, carries in its design some genetic breeding to its 80’s ancestor the CRX. Ofcourse in the CR-Z Hybrid you have a gasoline engine that is assisted by an electric motor that is housed between the engine and the transmission. Unfortunately, with this Hybrid setup there will be no all-electric driving option, but hopefully the Hybrid assist will bring the fuel mileage numbers up to the old CRX’s numbers. Even back in the day friends were bragging about achieving 40 to 50 to almost 60mpg. Some of that may have been hyperbole and some of it true, but any of those would be good targets for Honda.    …photo gallery to follow

The production exterior of the CR-Z Hybrid is to be headed up by Honda’s UK design team while their engineers in Germany work out all the motivation kinks. Europe’s first taste of the CR-Z Hybrid will be the beginning phase of Honda’s drive to introduce 3 new hybrids in the coming years. Their goal is to sell 400,000 Hybrid a year and in the process out-perform the Toyota Prius on the sales floor. A fairly ambitious goal for a company whose only hybrid on the market now is an average to poor sales performer in the Honda Civic. It is just not Hybrid-ee enough for Green Machine crowd. Maybe the CR-Z Hybrid will resolve that problem.



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  1. peter says:

    vow, it’s cool.
    I am planning to get one.