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Honda Teases Us with Promise of a New NSX in 2010

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Honda lets slip out its intention of building a new NSX for the year 2010, but this does not fall long after expectations were raised with a similar indication for 2008-2009. However, even false promises will not keep most NSX fans from feeding their own excitement with such news. The original NSX is still one of the most respected sports cars on the road and due to its rarity in many areas still turns heads to this day.

Acura displayed what it was calling the Advanced Sports Car Concept this year and some speculated that it would be the framework for the next NSX, but Acura has since announced that they were pulling back their concept for a redesign. And thus hope wained again.

While Honda has not provided us with any sketches or etches or paintings or concepts over which to drool and further speculate President of Honda America Tetsuo Iwamura had this to say about the Acura NSX’s 2010 release:    “In case of the introduction order, at this moment I can’t tell, but the U.S., you know, has a majority of the (Acura) customers – that (is something) you have to think about.” It seems so rare these days when anything from over seas comes here first that this would certainly seem a reason to celebrate…. IF and WHEN it happens.

The specs for the new NSX are far from certain at this point in the design but the word is the car will be powered by an all new V10 engine. And while the previous model was truly dedicated to the drive and not plush accoutrements the new NSX is reported to be leaning toward some more refined interior appointments.  But as always… the proof will be in the pudding come 2010.


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