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Honda Stream coming to American 2009?

Posted in Honda by will bee | September 3rd, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Honda Stream

With the Honda Odyssey still one of the better of the mini vans still on the market does Honda really see an opening for their mid-sized van the Stream?
Well that seems to be the word coming across the Pacific. The mid-sized people mover that is built on the same platform as the CR-V and the Civic is said to be bound for the US in 2009. That will also be the year that the diminutive mini van will receive its latest model update.

While other auto makers are leaping into the crossover-utility-vehicle market Honda seems to have other ideas. Is the Stream marked to be their own unique entrant into the CUV market? The Japanese version of the Stream currently comes with AWD so if that same option came over to the US it could do some posturing against some CUV’s.

Honda always finds a way to compete and in their own way they seem to make things relevant rather than trying to be relevant. The Stream may be just what some small families are looking for: a smaller, fuel efficient people mover with enough style and functionality to make buying a mini van okay. The word is that there will be no 3rd row of seats coming to America, but in a mid-sized mini van that might be best.


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