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Honda: Ridgeline Isn’t Dead Yet

Posted in auto industry, Honda, News by Kurt Ernst | January 9th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

2011 Honda Ridgeline

In 2010, Toyota sold some 106,200 Tacoma pickups. Chevrolet sold nearly 32,650 Colorado pickups, despite the models seven year old design. Honda, on the other hand, sold just 16,142 Ridgeline pickups, which had many critics speculating that the death of the Ridgeline was imminent. Not so, says Honda, who insists that the Ridgeline pickup has a strong following among Honda devotees. That may be true, but devotion, in this case, isn’t translating into sales. Honda’s Executive Vice President, John Mendel, told USA Today that Honda, “has a ways to go with the Ridgeline”, fueling speculation that a next generation model could indeed be in the cards.

I reviewed the 2011 Honda Ridgeline last year, and I’ll even admit to nearly buying one in 2008. It isn’t a bad truck if your expectations are modest, and it’s got numerous features that make it more livable as a daily driver than other mid-size pickups. Interior storage space, for example, is more than generous and the rear seats stow to give you a flat loading area behind the front seats. The locking trunk, complete with drain, is a really cool idea and the bed is big enough to haul a surprising amount of cargo (unless you plan on carting full sheets of drywall or plywood, that is). Behind the wheel the Ridgeline drives more like a big sedan than a truck, but that may be part of its downfall. If you want an AWD truck to get around the city, the Ridgeline is up to the task; if you want an AWD truck to take you out where the busses don’t run, the Ridgeline may not be up to the task. Personally, I hope they keep it around. I actually have a soft spot for the Ridgeline, funky looks and all.

Source: USA Today, via Autoblog

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