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Honda Recalls 1.5 Million Accords, CR-Vs And Elements

Posted in auto industry, Honda, News, Recalls, Safety by Kurt Ernst | August 6th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

The 2012 Honda CR-V. Image: Honda Automobiles

If you drive a 2005-10 Honda Accord with a four-cylinder engine, a 2007-10 Honda CR-V or a 2005-08 Honda Element, heads up. Honda has announced a major recall of these vehicles to re-program the shift software on the automatic transmission. Owners have reported problems when shifting rapidly and repeatedly between drive and reverse, as when rocking a car to get it unstuck in snow. Doing do can damage the transmission’s secondary shaft bearing, which may cause the engine to stall or prevent the transmission from entering “Park.”

Owners will be notified by mail when the recall begins at the end of this month. Dealers will update the transmission shift software to delay the shift response and help buffer the shock to the transmission, reducing the likelihood of transmission damage under the above circumstances. To verify if your Accord, CR-V or Element is on the recall list, you can check with Honda’s recall website or reach them via phone at (800) 999-1009, option 4.

Source: Honda

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