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Honda Puts Civic GX In Jeopardy

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America's Only CNG Vehicle: Honda Civic GX
America’s Only CNG Vehicle: Honda Civic GX

Confirming many allegations, both here on Ridelust and elsewhere in the industry that Honda has engaged in a series of intentional acts to withhold or stall its compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle program, the company has now put into bankruptcy its CNG refueling company, Fuelmaker.
Key to the widespread implementation of CNG vehicles and to Boone T. Pickens energy proposal is proprietary technology and manufacturing by Fuelmaker of a home-based and fleet refueling appliance for cars like the Honda Civic GX. Honda has yet to answer the question as to why they will only build and sell 90 Civic GX cars a month for select New York and California markets despite huge public demand and energy concerns being arguably the most important issue in the U.S. and world. Honda produces more than 1.5 million vehicles a year, is the only maker of a CNG car in America and by having a controlling interest in Fuelmaker has the single authority to dictate CNG use in the U.S. right now.

Pickens’ company, Clean Energy, tried to purchase Fuelmaker for $17 million last fall, but the deal fell through, allegedly because of Honda’s refusal to provide standard financial documentation. It has been suggested that Honda’s sabotaging of its own CNG vehicle production, the production and sale of the Fuelmaker appliance, and negotiations with Pickens, are the result of Honda trying to insure that its regular gas vehicles, and particularly larger vehicles like the Ridgeline and Pilot, do not suffer with the increased sales of a CNG vehicle.

Fuelmaker's Home-Based "PHILL" Unit
Fuelmaker’s Home-Based “PHILL” Unit

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