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Honda Performs Japanese Fire Drill, Replaces Chief Executive

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Newly appointed Honda Motor Co Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Takanobu Ito (L) and outgoing CEO Takeo Fukui attend a news conference in Tokyo February 23, 2009.

Today, Honda announced that company president and CEO Takeo Fukui would be stepping down from his position and succeeding his throne to head of core automaking operations, Takanobu Ito. Taking a page from Toyota’s book, the new transfer of power is intended to provide the company with a fresh new outlook for the difficult road ahead. “We are facing hardships that come once in a 100 years.” said Takanobu Ito in a statement. “Honda’s strength has been its sensitivity to changing times and ability to respond quickly to customer needs. My job is to come up with products that can pave the way for new times.”

Dedicated to seeing Honda into a profitable future, Ito admits the responsibility of navigating the company through the tumultuous economy is an extremely daunting prospect. When Fukui initially approached Ito about assuming the position last year, Fukui reports he was somewhat hesitant. “I felt it was a great honor, but that was like 47 percent of my feelings,” said Ito. “The other 53 percent was this feeling that I can’t take it because it was going to be so extremely difficult. I don’t recall being all smiles.”

Although the decision is still subject to official approval from shareholders, it is not expected to be met with much dissent.

Source: Detroit News
Image Cred: Reuters Pictures

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