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Honda Pays Tribute to One if its Own with the S2000 CR

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Despite Honda’s popularity, owner loyalty, reliability, and tuner fame, it is a rare rare occasion for me dole any kind words about the Japanese auto maker. It is not that hold any grudge against them, but more an apathy with their design and utility. Growing up on Horsepower and American Muscle Cars an Asian Rice Burner is just a bitter bowl of Sake to swallow. However, when you read about a company paying tribute to one of their best R&D Engineers by producing his last labor of love with the company; you just have to respect that.

honda 2008 s2000 cr

The 2000 Honda S2000 CR is a clean track car that can also pull off the track and onto the street. It was designed by R&D Chief Engineer Shigeru Uehara, who gave Honda its start in performance design with the Acura NSX, Integra-R and the original S2000.

2008 HONDA S2000 CR

The S2000 CR version of this Honda retains the basic shape and powerplant of the baseline S2000. The changes to the CR version are in the ground effects and in the suspension. Changes whose net results when tested proved to be a 2 second decrease in track lap times. Though a stiffer suspension on the street might be a dreaded miscalculation for the S2000, it is a welcomed component to a finely tuned track car.

2008 honda s2000 cr

With its bold wing and agile reflexes the S2000 CR is a fine tribute to an honorable career. Although Honda will only produce 2000 of these they have already divulged that at a sale price of around $40,000 the company will be eating a loss on the car. Can anyone else name a major automaker that would willing take a loss to honor a most respected contributor?


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