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Honda HSV-010 Demolition Derby, NASCAR Style

Posted in Acura, General, Honda, Racing by Kurt Ernst | March 24th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Two Honda HSV-010 racecars, competing in Japan’s Super GT series, take each other out on lap 12 of the season opening race. Prior to the collapse of the global economy, the HSV-010 was to be the replacement for the Acura NSX; it’s a shame that cost cutting prevented Honda from moving forward with the street car’s development.

You’ve got to love the raw emotion of the Japanese announcers; my genitals would have to burst into flames to elicit the same volume and intensity of outburst. In case you miss the crash in the first three seconds, don’t worry: the announcers show it several times, in stop motion, while providing commentary on every detail. Makes me wish I spoke Japanese, just so I could learn what each driver ate for breakfast prior to the start of the race.

Source: Straightline

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