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Honda Gets Naked, Again

Posted in Café Racers, Motorcycle Rides, Promoted by Kurt Ernst | February 5th, 2011 | 4 Responses |

If you’re bummed that Europe got Honda’s CB1000R naked streetfighter and we didn’t, cheer up. The replacement for Honda’s 919 Hornet makes its way to the States this spring, but there’s a catch: Honda is only bringing in a limited number of bikes, so if you want one, get in touch with your local Honda dealer pronto. The CB1000R can trace its lineage back to classic Hondas of old, like the epic CB750F and CB900F. Unlike those historic bikes, the CB1000R comes equipped with the latest technology, like PGM-FI to ensure that the bike runs at high altitude, a fully adjustable inverted fork, radial front calipers and an aluminum backbone frame. The engine comes from the CBR1000RR, but gets lower compression, smaller throttle bodies and a longer stroke to emphasize midrange power. Compared to the CBR it’s based on, the engine drops from 159 horsepower to 123, and torque drops from 80 at 8,750 to 73 at 7,750. If that sounds like bad news, it shouldn’t: Honda’s intent with the CB1000R was to build a bike with decent midrange, but one that won’t pull your arms from their sockets when you roll on the throttle.

So what’s the market for the CB1000R? Like the old UJMs (Universal Japanese Motorcycles), the CB1000R is designed to carry you to work on Monday through Friday, then go strafing canyons on the weekends. It’s fully capable of running the occasional track day, as long as your goal isn’t to be the fastest guy on two wheels. Throw some soft luggage on it, and the bike can ever double as a sport-tourer if you don’t mind its utter lack of wind protection. I’m sure the aftermarket will offer a taller flyscreen in short order, anyway.

The CB1000R comes in black only, and is priced at $10,999. Since the bike is essentially a pre-order only model, I doubt there will be much room for negotiation with dealers. That price puts it in the same league as Yamaha’s FZ1 (list price $10,490) and Kawasaki’s Z1000 ($10,590), so it really comes down to this: if you have a thing for naked bikes, choose your favorite brand.

Source: Honda Motorcycles

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4 Responses

  1. Jen says:

    The only thing better than car porn is motorcycle porn. Excellent. That’s a hot bike.

  2. Kurt Ernst says:

    Yeah, makes me wish there were press fleet motorcycles in the Southeast…

  3. Canrith says:

    Its a contest between this, the Duc, and the Benelli caferacer. But for the price this can’t be beaten for style alone.

  4. samm says:

    nice cbr models with naked street bike style…