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Honda Driving Simulator Now For Sale

Posted in Car Tech, Cartoon Cars, General, Honda, Press Release, Safety by Geoff | May 20th, 2009 | 14 Responses |
Honda Simulation Hardware

Honda Simulation Hardware

New educational software from Honda called “Honda Safety Navi” is being sold and is essentially a PC-based automobile driving simulator. Despite screenshots that border on anime-style graphics, Honda’s first attempt at selling software is not as silly as it may look.

"Super Fantastic Happy Crosswalk"

"Super Fantastic Happy Crosswalk"

Using a personal computer and bundled together with accessories such as a steering wheel and pedals, Honda Safety Navi contains two types of programs. The first, “Eco-Drive” helps users understand fuel-efficient driving techniques and learn key points of fuel efficient driving. The second program called “SD Coacher” helps users learn key points of safe driving in the event of adverse weather and road conditions such as snow or rain, and in more accident prone situations like at night.
Users are aided in the learning process by following the simple “idiot proof” on-screen and audio instructions, making an instructor unnecessary. (Sort of like earning a bachelors degree from Arizona State) The package is intended not only for beginners, but for a wide range of drivers, including companies whose employees use automobiles for commuting or business purposes, and driving schools. Price of the entire bundle can get pricey however, running into the equivalent of over $3,000 for the entire package including hardware.

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14 Responses

  1. Franz Chavez says:

    what would be the price for just the program, the steering wheel, the pedals, and the gear shifter??

  2. hollereyed says:

    what would would the price for the driving simulator be, prefer both for manual transmission and automatic transmission

  3. xmizanx says:

    its awesome,,,,, and great idea just light flight simulator

  4. KMBRAO says:

    what would be the price for just the program, the steering wheel, the pedals, and the gear shifter??

  5. Randy Green says:

    What is the price for this system? Do you offer systems support with it? Do you know of a website that may offer something similiar? Thanks for your time.

  6. Reinaldo Mèndez says:

    I am interested in buying for a educational training center…

    Pleaso more info…and prices.

  7. Paula Ddungu says:

    would like to know whether one can use the above item to drive and the cost of the item please.

    • paulapatricia says:

      can the item be used as a second mode to teach someone how to drive, and how much would it cost if ,more than one is bought.

  8. MrAngry says:

    I would absolutely NOT use this to teach anyone to drive… BIG MISTAKE.

  9. Matt Garcia says:

    What is the price for the complete program and equipment?

  10. Dear Sir/Madam

    we are a driving school based in Doha Qatar, we would like to purchase driving simulators kindly provide us with quotation and samples/futures of what you may have

    Looking forward hearing from you soonest

    With Kind Regards


  11. glen says:

    Can you tell me the price for the simulator to arrive in Calgary.

  12. hasan says:

    i would like to kwnow price quote thanks

  13. sunny dada says:

    Ineed a very good used driving simulator for sale i want to buy atleast 1, thanks. Sunny.