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Honda CR-Z Concept Hybrid Slated To Fill The CRX Void

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The Honda CR-Z Concept is a misnomer, what you’re looking at is a completely production-ready vehicle. Alright, perhaps not completely production-ready, but close enough so that the CR-Z (Compact Reconnaissance Zero) that’s tentatively scheduled to hit U.S. dealer lots in mid-2010 will be virtually indistinguishable from the CR-Z “Concept” set to appear at the Tokyo Motor Show next month.

Regardless of whatever the butch coupe’s design may have lead you to believe, the CR-Z is not a descendant of or replacement for the CR-V but rather a new age interpretation of the 80’s fanboy favorite, the CRX. Power is sourced to a 1.5L 4-cylinder i-VTEC engine mated to the same Integrated Motor Assist hybrid system found in the Insight, which together produce between 110-120 horsepower. Since Honda claims the CR-Z is the perfect marriage between hybrid and hoon, rather than equip the CR-Z with a hybrid-standard sham of a gearshift, the CR-Z comes with a 6-speed manual transmission.

As mentioned earlier, the CR-Z Concept is all but ready to hit the assembly line save for a few obligatory tweaks. The final completed model is expected to debut in January at the Detroit Auto Show, followed shortly by its official introduction to the Japanese market in February 2010. Lap times, pricing, and U.S. launch dates will be announced later.

Source: Honda

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