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Honda Accord Trumps Competition in Crash Tests.

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2011 Honda Accord

It may not be the best looking, the most exciting or the best performer. What the new 2011 Honda Accord is though, is the safest 4-door sedan on the market according to a revised U.S. crash test rating performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Honda should be beaming about this since they beat out the likes of import rivals Hyundai and Toyota. According to Autonews.com, the 2011 Honda Accord was the first car to get a five star rating in each of the 3 crash test categories that are deemed necessary by the NHTSA – frontal crashes, side impact and rollovers.

2011 Honda Accord

The new tests also include for the first time, the use of female crash test dummies along side the male dummies. These dummies are capable of collecting vital data about injuries that may occur to the neck, legs, head and chest. The Honda Accord has long been a favorite amongst those looking for a good looking car that offers bullet-proof reliability and safety. Hell, even I’ve owned one, and to be honest, aside from being a bit boring, it was one of the best cars I’ve ever had.

To find out more about automotive safety ratings, be sure to check out: Safercar.gov.

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