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Honda 3R-C Concept: The Future of Commuter Cars?

Posted in Concept Cars, General, Geneva Motor Show, Honda by Kurt Ernst | February 24th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

2010 Honda 3R-C Concept

Honda will display the 3R-C concept vehicle prominently in their Geneva Motor Show booth. Could this be an indicator of things to come from the auto and motorcycle giant?

Powered by a battery electric drivetrain, Honda has yet to release information on performance, range, charge times or production intent. The concept features a retractable canopy that provides security when the vehicle is parked and doubles as a windshield when the vehicle is in motion.

Past attempts at three wheelers have met with limited success. The Campagna T-Rex sure looked like fun, but not at the $52,000 price of admission. Can-Am’s Spyder was more reasonably priced at around $20,000, but many saw it as a motorcycle with training wheels since it didn’t offer the practicality of an enclosed (or semi-enclosed) cockpit. The Reliant Robin never made it to this side of the pond, and most Brits will tell you that’s a good thing.

Three wheelers may never be the year-round commuter car of choice for those living in snow country, but may still represent a reasonable option for commuters in warmer climates. Make them affordable and entertaining enough to drive and you’ll sell them in northern states, too – that’s what winter time beater cars are for.

I’m all in favor of a 3R-C model line, and would love to see Honda produce both battery and gas powered versions. The low-drag body design would make even the gasoline versions incredibly fuel efficient, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy the 3R-C without guilt. Offer a version with the new VFR1200 motor, build it at an MSRP under $20k and I bet you’ll move a boatload of inventory.

Source: Carscoop

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