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HOLY FORD DISPLAY BATMAN: Blue Oval Spends Bank in DC!

Posted in Auto Show, Ford by MrAngry | January 28th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Now this is what I like to see! A proper display at an auto show. Over the last few days I’ve been walking around the Washington, DC International Auto Show feeling a bit disenchanted. The big displays of yesteryear were all gone only to be replaced with some less-than-stellar signage and spokeswomen who wear way too much make-up. It really is a shame, as one of the big thrills about going to an auto show was seeing how the manufactures try to outdo each other while showcasing their newest rides.

Granted, with the state of the automotive economy it’s no surprise that everyone is tightening their belt. Ford however, after posting a $2.7 billion profit, decided to throw caution to the wind and be a rock star in the nation’s capital. The Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and Volvo (Ford owns them) displays took up the upper half of the Washington, DC convention center. Their display was exciting to be in, super informative and stocked with all the fun goodies that one comes to expect from a manufacturer of this size.

Driving simulator – check. Big rotating car display – double check. Hell, they even had interactive drag racing games for both kids and adults as well as a mini-fireman’s display where you could take pictures on an actual Ford built brush truck… all cool stuff. These are they types of displays that make auto shows fun to go to.

They make you look forward to what the future holds and peaks your interest to the point where you get excited and want to ask questions about the products you’re viewing. In this time of economic hardship it was refreshing to see that at least one manufacture brought some fun and excitement back to the game. Way to go Ford and BRAVO!

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