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Holy atomic pile, Batman!! WTF happened to your car?

Posted in eBay Motors, Ford, Foreign Cars, Pop Culture by MrAngry | January 31st, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

There are so many things in life that turn out to be disappointments. Ebay however is not one of them as it has the ability to provide hours of entertainment at any given moment. Take a look at any category and you are bound to find some amazing stuff. Check out this ad showcasing one of the most iconic cars in automotive history – The Batmobile. Over the years it has filled the pages of comic books and been the star of both the small and big screen.

Some Greek Dude, who is obviously handy with a Sawzall and paper mache, created this particular version of the Batmobile and claims it was the prototype for the movie car. Note the pocket bike on the back – it’s probably Robin’s.

By sucking the viewer in by using such descriptive phrases as: “THE CAR IS READY FOR DRIVE AND BUILD” and “THE BASIC CAR IS THE GERMAN FORD WITH A 6 CYLINDER ENGINE — THE MODEL YEAR IS FROM 1984″, the seller has almost guaranteed a quick sale. Like I said… eBay always entertains.

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