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Holden’s 570-hp HSV W427 Rebadged as Vauxhall for UK Market: Pontiac Jealous?

Posted in Auto Show, Car Tech, Cars, Design, Fast Cars, GM, Holden, Pontiac by will bee | April 10th, 2008 | 6 Responses |

HoldenHSVW427-1.jpg picture by willfusion

Even the “refined” tastes of the UK appear poised for the arrival of some Holden horsepower & design as the HSV W427 and its 570-hp fresh from their Melbourne debut are getting rebadged as the Vauxhall VXR8 for the UK market. Powered by the new Corvette ZO6’s LS7 7.0 liter V8 engine the HSV W427 has been stated to have 570 hp, the Holden HSV W427 is aggressively targeted at the BMW M5 and the Audi RS6. Why should they aim for less?

The Holden HSV W427 (not the easiest name to say) is priced in the area between $140,000 to $170,000 Aussie dollars and will have its rebadged Vauxhall version in the UK priced at 55,000 Pounds ($110,000 US).  The HSV W427 is certainly a brute force sedan with reclassed styling and refinement for a GM product, but at a price similar to the M5 will the Holden/Vauxall name plate win against a BMW head-to-head. Judging by Automobile Mag’s comparison of a G8 GT to a BMW 550i…. maybe.

The Pontiac G8 GT is based off the same Holden Commodore design as the HSV W427, and with its 361-hp engine it competed nicely against the 550i of BMW at nearly half the price. The only disparity was in the interior where the GM plastics, while much improved from prior attempts, were really no match for the classic elegance of the BMW’s.  However, at half the price some disparities can be forgiven. By pricing the Vauxhall VXR8 too close to the BMW M5, and despite the Corvette power, it could be a tough sell in a Euro-first market. As long as they can keep the US executives/designers hands out of the rebadging process the Vauxhall VRX8 will have a better chance.

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The bold designs and grunting horsepower aims of the Aussie designers make many Holden designs very appealing to Americans who at one time were used to such. The HSV W427 could find an eager audience in the US under the Pontiac badge if it were not for the price tag. Picking up a Pontiac sedan at the dealership that has a sticker above $100k would just be… odd… despite the powerplant and the improved interior quality.

Thanks in a large part to the Aussie designers, GM sedans, whether badged as a Holden, Pontiac or Vauxhall, are finally coming into a style and quality of design that can compete against the fine European/German sedans. The important part for them is finding a price just beneath the competition so as to tempt a frugal shopper. It will be interesting to see how the Vauxhall fairs against the M5 and Audi RS6 in the UK market.

Source[AutoExpressvia MotorAuthority]

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6 Responses

  1. Sean says:

    It’s great to see holden’s to exported to the uk and they should leave to holden logo on them and holden should bring the v6 commodore sadan and wagon in the omega version to europe as well and they would sell well for a family car or company car as well and the ute. and one thing what i don’t like about europe is the cars are to small and there front wheel drive as well and holden would do very well because they are rear wheel drive and europe is need for rear wheel drive cars from country’s like australia and in my family front wheel drive cars are not allowed when we were learning how to drive when we were 18 years of age and i lerned how to drive in a mecedes benz 300 e 24 for automatic and a toyota landcruser for a manual. holden should have a left hand drive production line for all models like mercedes benz and bmw

  2. WizardsLore says:

    Sean, you need to learn to use punctuation with your writing. I was takign a breath for you during reading your comment haha.
    the writer of the article comments that the Holden HSV W427 is hard to pronouce. this is true seeign as you are describing 2 different companies in the name. you see Holden is GM’s Australian branch, but now completely stand alone and one of the most profitable car compaines in the world. HSV stands for Holden Special Vehicles. As such your title was worded as “The Holden Holden Special Vehicles W427″
    sort of like an ATM Machine right :p

  3. Dan says:


  4. chris says:

    dan, what do you drive buddy, i doubt it is a car that handles as well as the W427, with its 570HP. id be guessing your driving a little 4 pot screamer. Hope you guys in the states get the chance to get this thng state side it is an absolute weapon of a car. my mate has the same drivetrain/ motor setup in his ute, and it scares the crap out of anyone whos game enough to sit in the passenger seat.

  5. Sean says:

    I think the police in the uk should get the commordoore v6 and v8 hsv and standed versions for police cars and for priverte use i would like to see them insted using gutless 4 cylinder frount wheel drive cars and the police here in australia would not use cars with engines unless it is a subaru wrx for highway patrol they use here in australia ss v8 commordoore sadan for highway patrol and the v6 for around town some police cars have personal regostration plates here in queensland saying heat 1, heat 2 and so on on the gold coast in queensland australia

  6. Dekki says:

    AWESOME!!!! A LHD version of these cars would be great here in Europe :) just like you said. Don’t care if it would be carrying Opel badges. The problem with muscle cars in Europe however is not only the gas prices but the HUGE registration fees and insurance policys for big engines in countries such as Germany or France (the main markets in continental Europe). Sweden for example as still affordable when it comes to owning a V8, but with a population of 9 milion spread out on a surface the size of California the market would be limited to say the least.
    Another key factor when it comes to car models it that the major car corp. such as GM or Ford are not very adherent when it comes to customers demands. The Ford Mustang for example is at high demand in Europe, but Ford Europe refuses to import it, the buyer has to turn to special car importers. Some fuel efficiant EU Ford models are wanted by Americans, but no.
    Opel attempted to build a V8 version of the Omega the last RWD in offered by Opel in Europe using an American GM V8, one prototype was built and tested, but the project was cancelled .
    They did it in the 1960s 70s with the Opel Admiral and Diplomat (related to the Statesman) but there was no success and in 1973 the oilcrisis struck down and forced many V8s off the market and many cool V8 projects into the dustbin.