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Holden Says “Happy Birthday!” With Coupe 60 Concept

Posted in Chevrolet, Concept Cars, GM, Holden, Pontiac by Geoff | October 26th, 2008 | 2 Responses |

Holden Coupe 60 concept
Holden Coupe 60 concept

The Coupe 60 honors Holden’s 60th diamond anniversary in the car building business.  Given that Holden is the Australian arm of the GM giant, many wonder aloud why something that looks absolutely menacing could not make an appearance in the U.S. with a Chevy or Pontiac badge on the front.  In fact, the Coupe 60 may not even see the light of day in Australia. 

True, several Holden and world car platforms and vehicles do make their way to the States in the form of rebadged Saturns and Pontiacs.  But in the translation, usually a toning-down of the exterior and a cheapening up of the interior, the final American version is somewhat lackluster to say the least.  No matter how hard Pontiac tries to sneak into the Bavarian sport sedan party with their “G-blank” cars, the Coupe 60 with its 21-inch wheels that can barely be contained by the car’s swollen fender flares and a mature stripping away of over-the-top vents, scoops and other superfluous nonsense give it a clean look that would appeal to anyone old enough and with the means to afford higher-end sport sedans.  The only aerodynamic assistance is provided by a serious looking air diffuser in the rear apron, a rear deck lid spoiler and completely flat underbelly.  To celebrate its diamond anniversary Holden’s coupe concept was painted in a one-off color called “Diamond Silver.”  Exact horsepower and torque numbers are not yet revealed, but the Holden Coupe 60 is powered by an E85-capable 6.0L flexfuel V8, that transmits power to the rear wheels through a 6-speed manual transmission.  All of this performance is aided by Brembo brakes and side-exiting exhaust. 

Coupe 60 Interior
Coupe 60 Interior

The black interior, accented by gunmetal inserts on the panels has a high quality look and feel.  The gauge cluster is LCD-based and fully digital, and the flat-bottom steering wheel features an integrated shift light. The leather/suede sport bucket seats, made out from carbon fiber and accented by red stripes, are of a single-piece design and feature four-point racing harnesses for all four seating positions.  Holden says the Coupe 60 concept is a possibility for actual production, though with the upcoming Camaro already in the works GM is hesitant about launching another mid-price rear drive coupe into the market.

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2 Responses

  1. Holden Parts says:

    This is one hot looking Holden

  2. Chris says:

    This is one smooth looking street machine. Hopefully its hits the shelf here as i would sell all to get my hands on one.