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Hitler Hates The BMW 1 Series M

Posted in Bizarre, BMW, Fast Cars, Funny Videos, New Cars by Kurt Ernst | January 8th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

I know, I know – I promised I wouldn’t post any more “Downfall” sppofs, since they’ve been utterly played out. This one, though, is different, and if you’re a BMW fan you’ll grin and grimace at the same time. Of all the possible engines they could have picked for the 1 Series M, the N54 probably wasn’t the best choice for a car that is destined to see track time with nearly every owner. If the N54 has durability problems being driven on the street, expect the situation to be worse with the abuse track days generate.

The 1 Series M was BMW’s best shot at building a performance coupe for the masses. I’d have liked to see it come with cloth seats, a minimal amount of concessions to comfort and a lower price tag. Instead, it’s a limited production junior M3, that nobody on a budget will be able to afford (especially after the dealer mark-up for exclusivity). There’s more than a little truth behind a lot of the statements in the video, and I can’t help but wonder if BMW’s legendary M division has lost it’s way. I don’t think the M brand is dying, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t in the best of health.

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