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HiQ Garage Upping The Quality Of Repair Shops In The UK

Posted in Car Tech, Custom, Repair by Vito Rispo | October 29th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

Having worked in the auto salvage/repair business for a few years, I know how most shops are. Going there can be an intimidating experience for the average car owner. You don’t really know if you’re getting overcharged, and the place is usually a bit greasy, maybe a little smokey, the people aren’t that nice, etc. It’s a common theme among auto repair shops.

Well, the HiQ network of garages in the UK decided to get in touch with the consulting/rebranding company Fitch to see if they could give themselves a better image. It looks like it worked.
Check out the pictures and see for yourself:

Their first concept center opened up earlier this year in Nottingham and it’s striking. The whole idea was to revolutionize the way repair shops operate, and give them a nicer face. It looks like the Commerce Bank of garages, with glass walls so customers can see into the work area and nice clean floors and walls.

(via The Cool Hunter)

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