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Hilary Duff Spotted In Mercedes G-Class SUV

Posted in Celebrity Cars, Expensive Cars, Foreign Cars, Luxury Cars, Mercedes Benz, SUV by Suzanne Denbow | October 7th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

Rolling pretty fly for a white girl, ex Disney princess Hilary Duff has been spotted around town in a black Mercedes-Benz G55 SUV. According to entertainment sources read while standing in the check-out line at Super Fresh, the G-Class was gifted to Duff by her boyfriend, NHL hockey player Mike Comrie.

Highlight of the entire story: When compiling the extensive research for this post, I discovered that Comrie, a center for the New York Islanders and holder of a $3.3 million dollar contract, is frequently referred to even by sports blogs as “Hilary Duff beau and hockey player…” Ouch.

More Duff pics after the jump

[Photo Source: Coolspotters.com]

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