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High Fliers: Elevate 2

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High Fliers

I hate to say it but the majority of us have extremely dull and boring lives. Sure they might be fulfilling if you have children, but for the most part waking up and doing the 9 to 5 thing is a pretty crappy way to go. Others though have figured out a way to run at 9/10ths pace and in doing so have created their perfect dream jobs out of what used to be just a hobby. Racers like Harold Waddell in conjunction with the North American Hillclimbers Association (NAHA) are taking the sport of Hill Climbing in a new, totally adrenaline filled (and a bit suicidal) direction that promises spectators something that they’ve never seen before. Think freestyle motocross, combined with heli-skiing and traditional hill climbing and you’ll get the idea. Watching these guys is a total blast, but knowing that their always riding on the razors edge is something that gives me heart palpitations.

Source: RalfBecker.com

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