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Hermé Designed Yamaha V-Max.

Posted in Cool Stuff, Motorcycle by MrAngry | October 18th, 2010 | 1 Response |

Hermes Yamaha VMax

I remember when the Yamaha V-Max first came out way back in 1985, it was big, bad and with its V-4 engine laid rubber like nothing before it. Even though it handled like a bowl of jello, it was one of the first true muscle-bikes on the market and is generally credited with giving birth to that genre. The V-Max went virtually unchanged for over 20 years until a full refresh happened in 2009. Mighty Max retained it signature bad boy looks that the public had come to know and love, and with a new 200 hp mill between the frame rails, also had the power to thwart off would be challengers.

Hermes Yamaha VMax

Now it seems that the luxury firm Hermé as decided to try and improve on what is already a kick-ass machine by coating the bike in dead buffalo. The seat, exhaust, grips, headlight, fenders and tank have been covered in a ton of leather to create the one-off road machine you see here. Normally this really isn’t my thing, but quite honestly I’m kind of diggin’ it. The combination of black and brown leather works with the brushed aluminum of the V-Max’s mechanics and creates something that I think may appeal to certain buyers.

Hermes Yamaha VMax

Right now there are no plans to put the Buffalo-Max into production, which quite honestly is probably a good thing. V-Max owners are very loyal to this machine and by upsetting the apple cart with modifications that take away from the soul of the bike, Yamaha could potentially hurt the brand.

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One Response

  1. Will says:

    I like it too. Nice flowing colors on a badass bike.