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Here’s A Fresh Sport: Motocross Golf

Posted in Bizarre, Funny Videos, General, Motorcycle Rides by Kurt Ernst | February 1st, 2011 | 1 Response |

The problem with sports that have been around a while is that you’ve got almost no chance to compete at their highest level. Take football, for example: after a stellar high school career (without injury), you’ve got just a minuscule chance at being drafted by a football powerhouse university. If you’re lucky enough to play for a Division I school, you’ve got to beat out players who are as good (or better) than you just to make the field. If you can do that for four years without serious injury, then you’ve got a infinitesimally small chance of being drafted by the pros and making serious coin. The same holds true for just about any other established sport (including racing); you can only get so good, but then you also need to get lucky to make the big time.

What if someone started a brand new sport? You’d have a chance to compete with the big boys, at least in the early stages. Sure, there may not be money or fame involved, at least until the TV rights get negotiated, but you’d be able to throw down against the best and that’s got to be worth something. Take motocross golf, for example, as demonstrated here by Rickie Fowler. Sure, roosting the ball from a sand trap takes skill (since there’d be a fine line between ‘not enough’ and ‘way too much’), but there aren’t many others playing the game right now. If you lose, at least you’re losing to the best.

This video (sadly) doesn’t depict a new sport. Instead, it’s a promo add for Puma sportswear featuring Rickie Fowler, the 2010 PGA Rookie of the Year. Before he swung a golf club for money, Fowler used to race motocross, so Puma thought it would be cool to blend his two passions. I’d say it’s got potential as a new sport, and I couldn’t possibly suck at motocross golf as much as I suck at regular golf.

Source: Two Wheels Blog

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  1. Love it! Maybe I would enjoy golf more it I did it like this.