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Hennessey’s Venom GT Crosses The Pond

Posted in Cool Stuff, Exotic Cars, Expensive Cars, Fast Cars, Videos by Kurt Ernst | July 14th, 2011 | 3 Responses |

In preparation for the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Hennessey Performance Engineering recently brought their 1,200 horsepower Venom GT to the UK for testing. The unholy marriage of a stretched Lotus Exige chassis and a tuned, 6.2-liter Chevy LS-2 V-8, the Venom comes with traction control and ABS, and that’s bout it for safety and stability systems. If that’s still too much, owners can turn off the traction control completely, although we’re not sure that’s a good idea in a 1,200 horsepower car that weighs just 2,700 pounds. Despite the impressive job of suspension tuning done by development driver John Heinricey (who also helped develop the Cadillac CTS-V and set the record Nürburgring lap), the Venom GT requires your full attention behind the wheel. Make a mistake, and the Venom GT is ready, willing and able to ensure it’s your last.

The video below does a great job of taking you through the design and development of the Venom GT, and even includes footage of the car testing in the U.K.. We would have liked to see some laps from the driver’s perspective, or maybe even a top speed run or two. Still, the Venom represents an all-new supercar, with the same design principles as the original Shelby Cobra. If you want one, the price of admission starts at $725,000 for the supercharged version or $850,000 for the higher-horsepower twin-turbo variant.

Source: FgearTV’s You Tube Channel

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3 Responses

  1. djrosa says:

    so wait that has 1200bhp on british/american standard petrol which if my memory serves me right is 93-94 octane, i wonder what it would do on what whe have here and in the rest of europe 98 octane or E85 (ethanol) with the right chip. i know that you can get 10-20% power increse on small displacement turbo engines but i guess on a engine that size and that tuned youd not get as much maybe 4-5% but still thats well over 55BHP

    • Kurt Ernst says:

      When a mainstream manufacturer builds a product, they tend to leave some horsepower on the table. Call it a trade-off for reliability or long engine life. When Hennessey builds a product, it’s MUCH closer to absolute limits.

      I’m guessing that 1,200 horsepower is about the limit for a Chevy LS engine, at least in terms of practicality. Sure, you could probably double the output with more forced induction, higher compression and a shot of nitrous, but I wouldn’t plan on the engine holding together more than a few miles.

      Besides, 1,200 horsepower in a 2,700 pound car is plenty…

      • Djrosa says:

        yeah yeah the block would probably go after a couple of miles and 1200bhp is more than enough (i mean i managed to total a 115Bhp Audi 80) its just that this is the sort of car that is built to have alot of power and not going fast around a track like a ferrari or cruise the autobahn a 160mph hearing only a faint ticking from the engine like a Audi S8, so if you live in a country where ethanol flows like a river why not tune it for that little extra if the engine probably isnt gonna hold together anyway.