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Hennessey Cadillac CTS-V V700 Coupe Defines ‘Velvet Hammer’

Posted in Cadillac, Car Accessories, car modifications, Cars, Favorite Cars, General, GM by Kurt Ernst | October 4th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Cadillac is all about luxury, right? It’s the vehicle of choice for the polyester-slacks wearing, Boca Raton retireee, isn’t it? Not all Cadillacs, as my previous escapades with the CTS-V Sedan, CTS-V Coupe and the SRX Turbo will attest to. I’m a huge fan of the CTS-V series, with it’s hand-of-God thrust and pull-your-eyeballs-out-of-the-socket Brembo brakes. Even the on-track handling is surprisingly good, thanks to GM’s Magnetic Ride suspension and retuned StabiliTrak system. About the only thing that could make the CTS-V better would be more horsepower, and tuner John Hennessey is ready to feed your need for speed.

Just in case 556 horsepower and 551 ft-lb of torque doesn’t do it for you anymore, how does 598 horsepower and 638 ft-lb of torque on pump gas sound? Not good enough? Then how about 700 horsepower and 740 ft-lb of torque on race gas? How about a zero to sixty time of 3.26 seconds, and a quarter mile run of 11.16 seconds at 124 mph? That should get the job done.

Like John Hennessey, I tried my hardest to get a call from the OnStar operator during my track time with the CTS-V Coupe. When I didn’t get the call, I chalked it up to GM engineers disabling the OnStar system on the track cars. That still may be the case, but Hennessey didn’t get the call either, so maybe GM has retuned OnStar to reflect the performance capabilities of the vehicle. Let’s hope so.

Source: Automotive Addicts

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