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Hemi Cuda rendering: Chrysler! Hire this guy, as your design team is stale

Posted in Chrysler, Concept Cars, Design, General by will bee | October 2nd, 2007 | 14 Responses |

Chrysler Hemi Cuda rendering

How is it that the people outside of the car industry can envision the possibilities but those wrapped up in the politics of car manufacturing cannot? That is not always the case because some fantastic cars have slipped through the fashionable filters, but when you have design by committee the usual result is a car lacking in design. However, when you take one man sitting a computer with an idea in his head sometimes you will find the most fascinating results. Take the case of Nate Craver and his Chrysler Hemi Cuda concept rendering.

The “what’s old is new” concept has been around a long time and the auto industry is in its hey-day right now with that concept. The Ford Mustang and the Ford Thunderbird are prime examples of the concept that have seen success. The Pontiac GTO on the other hand… that is a prime example of a remake that in no way resembles its heritage nor displays any imagination and as a result receives little attention. The recent model of the GTO resembles every other Pontiac being built today.

Chrysler Hemi Cuda Concept Rendering

In Nate Carver’s Hemi Cuda concept there is still a hint back to the classic but in a very forward thinking design. This is a concept that I could get behind and that would totally go against the Chrysler design groups overall theme of Boxy-by-Design. The Dodge Viper and the Dodge Demon roadster concept are the only cars in the Chrysler family that show any influence from aerodynamic research in their design. This Hemi Cuda concept would be just the jolt of sleek speed Chrysler needs.

Chrysler Hemi Cuda Concept

As a conceptual idea this would be a Hemi Cuda that could compete in all venues and would literally twist peoples necks as they wrenched back to see it in passing. But that is just one man’s admiring…  what do you think of this Chrysler Hemi Cuda rendering? Does the NEW Chrysler company have the stomach to take such a risk? Does this concept Cuda look Cuda enough to satisfy the Cuda-nites and yet inspire a new generation of Cuda fans?

Source[nate carver-flickr]

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14 Responses

  1. weasel says:

    This looks like a slight adaptation of a late 80 fire bird.

    Not exciting, not new, not enticing.

  2. Dee says:

    Hmm.. I just noticed that the rear end of this car is different in the 2 pics shown. One looks like a close resemblance to a old eclipse in the back and one a GT3000. This car looks more like a corvette or firebird from the front..

    There are pictures out of a rumored Dodge Cuda coming out in 2008/2009… it looks more like the classic yet has that Mustang, Challenger, and Camaro look.

    This car does look nice but with the combo of looking like other cars.. well it just isn’t Cuda.

  3. I Dunnowe says:

    Not a Cuda, Not a Cuda…Looks OK, but not to called a Cuda.

  4. matt says:

    Looks to plasticy to japanese to plagiarized and bastardized to be an
    American muscle car especially a Cuda.

  5. Steve Hill says:

    That Cuda concept looks like ass!

  6. aaron says:

    not bad but the front bumper looks ugly. you need to round off that point a little more and give it the looks of the 70’s cuda

  7. ROBERT says:


  8. vern says:

    dude… looks more like a concept viper….. not a cuda…

  9. MoparKid says:

    This is not, in any way shape or form a fucking CUDA!!!!!!! This shit is horrible and no wonder it hasn’t been put mainstream even as an idea for a concept. It’s horrible and shouldn’t be built at all unless it’s like a revision off some Japanese car. Looks like a crappy rendition of an RX-7.

  10. dave says:

    Uber Fail!!!!

  11. Dude4554 says:

    this website was good

  12. Dude4554 says:

    if jozie read this msg plz send reply in wireclub

  13. the guy in charge of the new cuda desighn says:

    thatshyt looks like a damn shoe

  14. sscuda says:

    Looks like a “ricermobile”. I would be embarassed to be seen in it.